Verdelho Associados | Media Relations
A Verdelho Associados é uma boutique de Relações Públicas e Comunicação que planeja e executa estratégias de comunicação e relações públicas para proporcionar ganhos de valor para a credibilidade, imagem e reputação de seus clientes.
Eventos Corporativos, Gerenciamento de Crise, Imagem Corporativa, Relações Institucionais, Relações Governamentais, Planejamento Estratégico de Comunicação, Media Training, Assessoria de Imprensa
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Media Relations

Strategically planned content and exposure

Corporate communications are changing because of an identity crisis that traditional media outlets are going through, perplexed in face of the volume and speed of the spread of information through the Internet, especially regarding social media. The journalist isn’t the only news-maker; he is one among thousands of content producers that populate the online universe. Conventional media has migrated to virtual content platforms, while they observe the emergence of “mass bloggers” and new ways of disseminating content through the net, such as crossmedia and transmedia.

For organizations, the challenge is to tell their story to their audience, through strategically chosen information channels. Verdelho unites holistic thinking to strategic action, so that clients “talk” to their audiences in this diverse and plural environment.

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