Verdelho Associados | About us
A Verdelho Associados é uma boutique de Relações Públicas e Comunicação que planeja e executa estratégias de comunicação e relações públicas para proporcionar ganhos de valor para a credibilidade, imagem e reputação de seus clientes.
Eventos Corporativos, Gerenciamento de Crise, Imagem Corporativa, Relações Institucionais, Relações Governamentais, Planejamento Estratégico de Comunicação, Media Training, Assessoria de Imprensa
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About us

Excellency in customer service and dedication as a premise

Founded in 2012 by Valdeci Verdelho, a respected professional with over 30 years of experience, Verdelho Associados is a Public Relations and Communications boutique committed to excellency in costumer service. Our modus operandi consists of a permanent dialogue with the organization’s leadership and an understanding of its communication demands. From then on, we plan, develop and execute strategic communications and public relations activities that will foster valuable credibility, image and reputation for our clients.

With an experienced team, which includes associated professionals and strategic partners, the boutique tackles all fronts: from strategic planning to media relations, from crisis management to stakeholder engagement and holding events that meet the needs of clients from all sectors. Headquartered in São Paulo, with a branch in Belo Horizonte, Verdelho Associados is prepared to meet our client’s demands in several other locations, such as Brasília, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Recife e Salvador through a support network. Plus, we integrate PR Boutique International, a network of firms with a global presence.

Why Boutique?
When what matter the most is the customer service’s level

A Boutique, according to PR Boutique International’s concept, is a company created by a senior professional with experience in global public relations firms, to execute services offered by the big firms but with a personalized service and a level of attention, dedication and closeness that is only possible with a limited number of clients.

This model was created to work with organizations that, when they’re looking for communication partners, they don’t care about the size of the agency, but with the quality of the work they will get once they sign up. As a member of PR Boutique International, Verdelho Associados integrates a network of 40 agencies that act in the main business centers of the world and share the best practices to deliver increasing quality and innovation to its clients.

Get in touch and learn how we can help: +55 11 3803 4840