Verdelho Associados | Stakeholder Engagement
A Verdelho Associados é uma boutique de Relações Públicas e Comunicação que planeja e executa estratégias de comunicação e relações públicas para proporcionar ganhos de valor para a credibilidade, imagem e reputação de seus clientes.
Eventos Corporativos, Gerenciamento de Crise, Imagem Corporativa, Relações Institucionais, Relações Governamentais, Planejamento Estratégico de Comunicação, Media Training, Assessoria de Imprensa
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Stakeholder Engagement

Identifying and integrating all audiences

30 years ago, when Edwards Freeman formulated the Stakeholder Theory, the “Stakeholders” boiled down to employees, consumers, suppliers, financial institutions, governments and the community. Today, the picture has changed. Increasing political, economic, environmental and social demands gave rise to new social actors, whether organized or not, which can affect corporations and their businesses.

Company image depends increasingly on the relationships it develops with its stakeholders. Verdelho Associados has the experience and the skills to map the power relations, political forces and Stakeholders which are in the company’s sphere of influence. We have a senior team ready to interact with the public sector and civil society in order to establish communication channels and to engage the stakeholders.

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