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A Verdelho Associados é uma boutique de Relações Públicas e Comunicação que planeja e executa estratégias de comunicação e relações públicas para proporcionar ganhos de valor para a credibilidade, imagem e reputação de seus clientes.
Eventos Corporativos, Gerenciamento de Crise, Imagem Corporativa, Relações Institucionais, Relações Governamentais, Planejamento Estratégico de Comunicação, Media Training, Assessoria de Imprensa
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Get in touch and learn how we can help: +55 11 3803 4840
Suited for Your Needs

Image and reputation open doors to relationships, connect with the audience, enhance business, contribute to mitigate crises, inspire admiration and generate value for your brand. We will help your company build or strengthen its image and reputation through strategically planned communication, aligned with your challenges and seeking the results that your business needs.

We are a corporate communications boutique and a member of PR Boutique International. We understand the market and we keep up with a changing society to offer what is most up-to-date in communication for your company. What sets us apart is that we put costumer service first. We created a business model focused on a select customer portfolio to assure personalized service at a senior level.

We act holistically, in an integrated way, with an experienced team which includes associated professionals and strategic partners in specialized areas. Our purpose is to help your company in planning and developing activities which successfully engage the market and public opinion. We have credibility and solid experience in media relations, strategic projects and events, stakeholder engagement and crisis management.


Crisis Management

About 60% of crises happen because the leadership doesn’t act effectively to prevent it. Also, a lot of examples demonstrate the lack of preparation to deal with the crises after they happen. Verdelho Associados is experienced in dealing with crises in different contexts, which gives us confidence to help your company deal with image, reputation or business risk, to prevent crises, to act during a sudden crisis, or to manage sensitive issues.

Strategic Projects and Events

Building reputation is uninterrupted work. Organizations must plan strategies to enhance brand awareness and reinforce their image to their audience. Verdelho Associados has a multidisciplinary team of creative, talented and thorough professionals to create and deliver projects, events and other activities that contribute to reach out to the audience, to generate positive perceptions with opinion leaders, clients, consumers and business partners.

Media Relations

Conventional media outlets are migrating to virtual content platforms. “Mass bloggers” are appearing as well as new ways of disseminating information on the Internet, such as cross-media and transmedia. For organizations, the challenge is to tell their story to their target audience, through strategically chosen information channels. Verdelho Associados unites holistic thinking and strategic action, so that clients “talk” to their audience in this diverse and plural environment.

Stakeholder Engagement

The companies’ image and reputation increasingly depend on stakeholder engagement. With experience in social movements, Verdelho Associates has the skills necessary to map power relations, political forces and interested parties that gravitate around the organizations. Our team is prepared to interact with public institutions and civil society to establish dialogue channels and to engage the client’s stakeholders.

Get in touch and learn how we can help: +55 11 3803 4840